the visions given to man holy Ghost enters like body perfect size

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2 Responses to “the visions given to man holy Ghost enters like body perfect size”

  1. bobbyhickman Says:

    visions from the holy Ghost-hollie showed, hey bob, she said, with, its the voice of, she said, its, spall, showed, eat, but bob wont, you see I persecute, God said, hollie said, by tightening up his facial muscles, ruining his appearance, God said, larry said, making bob fast, and deseasing his gums, hollie did say, spoke she said, wearing, its uh red sweatshirt, and I stamp, she said, but scene changes, to, its Gods hammer hollie in, put it under, hollie said, go, she left, its, the public library, hollie said, and, wore plad coat, red, hollie said, Jesus spoke,

  2. bobby hickman the man Jesus entered into like body perfect size Says:

    Jesus the holy Ghost enters me bob hickman like body perfect size and showed me in visions ministering spirits and they said: its I persecute, God said, hollie said, by deseasing gums, and ruining faces by causing muscles to tighten, at the moment they are being used, wrinkling and stretching, and maiming limbs, persecution is me JEsus trying to make my servants loose their salvation to mock them saith the King, JEsus, the LOrd, a aman, I the Lord terrorise my servants by teasing and harming their appearance by wrinkling their faces and deseasing their mouths and tricking and lying and betraying them to make them perish to be openly mocked saith Jesus, hollie showed, bobby its time, God said, hollie put one lit hand on other arm, thats, hollie with Jesus, showing, eat, she, was, like, deformed, fleas said, put it under, they both showed time, bobby, go, hollie said, its vodpod, ministry ofdreams, holllie said, like angelman, but, he sat at, its, stamps, hollie, body not seen, only hand, new world order apostolic church, its yours bobby, hey, hollie said, thats, you and janette in living, in, its, hollie said, she looked, back, God appeared, janette, will soon, thats her stripped, its of her, pension, hollie and God said, its, social security collapse, its, here, hollie stamps, in the goole ole u.s.a., thats, hey, hollie said, its looting, but why is Gods hammo, hollie said, right there with, hes old hammo, like, skinning angelic man of light, he looked at his watch, showed bobby hammo said, lets go, hammo leaves, its, u.s.a. library, stamps, hollie but only gray hands seen, but rest appeared, she had, nice hair, hey bob, hollie with nice hair said, lets go, she left, but, God showed, its time, they need help, go and encourage, saith the Lord,

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