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god-holy ghost enters into my body like a body my perfect size

March 10, 2011

Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 3-10-2011-hollie drove her tank, but, tank got dark, thats her with light goggles on, there uh vision said, it, hollie, wearing blue sweatshirt, pointed at two lighted hollies, its him she said, playing his you got wrote up, but face somewhat silhouette, you got me, want it, he spoke, face kept changing, girl, bob, its they have sex, hollie sex, bob wore blue sweat shirt, but, its, torn, she said, that is, not, your vision, that is, the, beast, with seven heads and ten horns, like uh dragon, said, hollie, it, rose, she, said, that was, hollie and, many hollies tap dancing, telling, but theres pope in line of tap dancers, God spoke, lets tell the vision, said, the, tap dancing spirits, hollie showed, turn, it was him uh she hollie said, angel showed, turn, like, uh lighted angel, said, the, tap dancing spirits, thats lighted hollie tap dancing, she wore uh, its skirt, another, hollie said, lets rule the world, said, it putin, hollie said, God, spoke, many hollies tap danced, they appeared, spoke hollie, its the clapping tap dancers, like blue lighted, hollie, and others, theres, pope hollie said, but, changed into, its, me, pointed, hollie, at self,

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    the visions given to man holy Ghost enters like body perfect size

    March 8, 2011

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