Hello world!, prophecy reveals all

greetings in the name of Jesus, whom entered my body when I was 32 at home in bed like a Body my exact size coming in, its being Holy Ghost baptized like the talk about at pentecostal and apostolic churches.

3 Responses to “Hello world!, prophecy reveals all”

  1. the Ministry of Dreams disclaimer Says:

    I the Lord spoke and created and birthed ministry of dreams, and if you steal, or alter in anyway, I the Lord, will ruin you, and make you, run to remove, what I hid and spoke and created after my child prayed, ministryofdreams, the ministry of dreams is altered and I will strip you of you chance to be saved and make you run and remove anyway, and I will expose you, thats spiritual warfare, and bring you down, just watch like I have over 1500 thieves of the God spoke, said, Jesus, ministry of dreams, if you placed in your book, what I prepared, ministry of dreams, burn books and take out of circlulation, eliminate, and watch plagues come on all the theives of the God spoken ministry of dreams, saith Jesus, the King

  2. bobbyhickman Says:

    JEsus treats me like this-received 2-26-2007-God said I wanted you abated this morning, so, I let your gums receed, by causing gum desease, it swells up instanty, I will drive you out, saith the LOrd, till you leave, then, bring you back, that is killing all day, I tease you, and fiery darts causing gum desease, recession, and, hurt, by what I say, to anger you, even, come down, when, and make your peter hard to anger, electric, to anger you, to make you fall away, and laugh at you, when, this is persecution, saith the Lord. I make you so mad, that you can not think straight, saith the Lord, tease, mock, to, keep you humble in my eyes saith the LOrd, now, backslide for months, that is, humble in my eyes,go and sin, have fun, then, if I miss you, ill call you back, saith the LOrd, abate, if you stay, all day long, saith the Lord, I wanted you to backslide saith the Lord, to make an example, out o f you, to show the world, that I can, raise up, and, bring, down, when I want, for no reason.,(this is electricity coming down on and moving over my penus making it hard-can you beleive JEsus the King of Kings does this- I remember Jesus showing me in visions words, and they started to offend me like, “collapsed”, plane wreck, tease, abated”, “prod”(this means keep angering with me till I quit, backslide, go into a rage, that is what is going on. I remember him showing me visions of my sister saying something like, dang, now bobbys like us, and me having sex in the bath tub with a woman, and maybe setting up dinner date with another. Now click on link and read how Jesus is trying to fullfill these visions. God also teases me by saying, abate, abate(whew of God, abate me baby, likewhen you were kids and one would touch the other and say, burn. I see Jesus all the time and he teases me and says, “I got you”. Remember, what you do can show up on the information highway to me o Lord). Click on the my picture link and read more about Jesus helping my flower to fade. I saw my former pastor in vision, and im going by memory, and Jesus pointed at him and said, abated, and he opened his mouth and his teeth were gone. They were. If you see a christian without teeth, all God has to do is come against himself or lift the protection so satan can trash, really meaning, God does not want you to have teeth or. I bet if you dig up the apostle paul’s bone and john the revelators, they would not have teeth. I just saw Jesus in a vision and he said something like, abate him. Sorry Lord, thats no suprise, that is your favorite pastime with me. I saw Jesus and he laughed. LOrd, it appears to me that you are short handed big time. So bring it on. If you cast me back outinto the world, Ill have fun again and look forward to life, lest you cast me out with sickness for showing the whole internet world how you treat prophet, ministry of dreams. What Jesus does is hits me with all this and more to anger and keeps doing till I go into a ra ge in my heart. This bullshit goes on all day long. Dont you feel sorry for the apostle paul. He talked about despairing unto life, fiery darts, etc. heres what the Lord just spoke and does often, something like, “bob stay out and i I miss you, ill call you back”. send Jesus Christ an email on your knees and tell him to lay the off of me and let me serve him so I can stay out of the lake of fire. I saw Jesus in a vision and he said, ‘slave’. Yeah, im a slave of Christ, but, its called, hell avoidance. there is no other reason to serve Jesus but to stay out of the lake, and when you get established, like an immature God, well, read again. If God casts me out permanently, so what. My guess is he will waittill five seconds before judgment hits the usa, then do it. I remember God talking to me about being abated in front of all me. I just say Jesus in a vision and he pointed, and I saw me and I opened my mouth and my teeth were gone. I didnt just put this up, I kept warning! the Lord, and warning, and it is far worse then this letter tell. God says, what you did is put yourself to an open shame, by telling on me saith the Lord, I do do this, and will continue, till, you fall away, then, call you back, and, then, cast you out again. I do this, to keep you humble in my eyes, saith the Lord, go sin, or live for me, I dont care, but, if, you stay, abate said the Lord, and I will steal your teeth, to make you angry at me all the time for doing it. I can do what I want. this is probably the main reason I put this up. My gums have been receeding and I begg Jesus all the time and now Im asking you to help me with your prayer. If the Lord will take my teeth, then, do it in front ofthe whole world LOrd Jesus. But look in the mirror and ask yourself one question. If you knew you were going to trash me out in the end, why didnt you leave me the alone. I just say Jesus and he laughed. Im being teased right now, I just heard something like this, “God want you to backslide”. See how that is worded. I know in my heart tha t Jesus will drive me out and ride me hard for putting this up, but, I also know that he will be embarrased big time, and, well I dont know what to expcet this time. I just saw Jesus in a vision and he said, “I got’em”, I got you, to comit iniquity, ha ha, saithe Lord. It looks to me like billions in the world are saying ha ha to the Lords call. Im being laughed at by Jesus, but countles billions laughed at him. Take my teeth Lord, but, look like a fool on this website. cut me off, you cut your self off. this is what I wanted saith the Lord, you to get so angry, that you would not think straight, and want to leave, this is what I do,saith the LOrd, all day, anger, tease, mock to make bob fall away, then bring back, then, knock out, this is, keeping, bob humble in my eyes. thats embarrsing us both saith the LOrd, and I will not let it stay on. bob was right, he made a fool out of me, to back me off, and I will, cause I need him, but, I will not, stop, fullfilling my word, I do what I say, saith the Lord, What i did was abated you saith the LOrd, to keep you humble in my eyes, that is, what that is. I guess this means im not humble in the LOrds eyes unless im angry, wanting to backslide, having daily gum recession, wanting to quit, etc. Ill make you look like a fool saith the Lord, when you least expect it for this, and you think, bring it on, well, now hear the word of the LOrd, watch. What I did, saith the Lord, is make you look like a fool, and not, wanting, you to come back, leave saith the LOrd, and I will not bring you back, or, if you stay, then I can do what I want saith the LORd, mock me, butin the day of judgement, hell, for mocking me, saith the LOrd, -who can stay out of there saith the bob with deny self and the hound dog of heaven coming at me like a little immature baby that has long teeth. I just felt like my zipper come down. I feel gum desease thrown pop up in gums, and sometimes pop out. My mouth often chatters back and forth with my teeth grinding. I wont let God steal my teeth. Ill go and get gum grafts if they get to bad. The LOrd let me know he would not let them hold,(memory-not in those words), I told him I would get medicine. Dont this remind you of that song, “behind closed doors”. Im telling on you Jesus. mock me if you want, and I hope they all die saved. response? The Lord says, you bob, Im going to bring you down, and you know it, because, you can not stand, with me, riding you, like this.-im laughing in my heart, smiling with my lips. Now let me think, its funner to listen to rock and roll and watch movies and have a girlfriend thenit is to serve the LOrd. So all i can say to Jesus is, promise. I can feel like electricity running along my d i c k right now. do you like that LOrd. I saw Jesus in a vision and he said, dont. Im jelous, I wish I could go and play with people’s peters. heres the LOrds response-what God did, was, made you, jelous, cause he could, cause your gums, to receed, and you not, do any thing about it, I make, painful gum desease swell up, instantly, and bob knew, his, teeth would not last long, here is why I did it, so people, would not look up to, bob, now, he makes me, look a fool, and I AM thinking, I dont need this, but, he, was, right, I went to far, and now, he is, mocking me on the information, highway, and I see, like, you do, I did, saith the LOrd, now, I repent of my evil, pronounced, against, bob–my gums are still under attack-say it and mean it LOrd Jesus. I just saw Jesus in a vision and he said, continue fallin. -the bible tells fathers not to provoke thier childrento wrath, but-here is what was just spoken to me, “im going to drive you all the way out, then, I will let you come back, and not mess with you.-sounds like a wiener LOrd-wow, Gods gonna git me-im so afraid now I think, I go to hell anyway, so what do I have to loose. wilt Jesus put sickness on me or curse beyond his immature game playing. come on Jesus, git me mane., bring it on is all I can say, and you will drive me ou!t like you said, but, – you know what Im going to do, Jesus will learnto respect me or this will stay on, and if i take if off, if God plays his game again, right back on or the like-this has been going on now for about 17 months. You WILL respect me Jesus Christ. bob I jus saw Jesus and he said, come back. See the game that he plays with me just about all day everyday. tease, gum recession, mocks, hurts, laughs at, says things that he knows will hurt me deep with in my heart, and, “no come back”. can you beleive this. Copy this is you want and read tothe whole world. I dont care. I told Jesus something like, you can do whatever you want with me right now, just as long as I approve it. Those that choose sin over the life of Jesus Christ. Im jelous. Since Jesus has this very undelicate adolph hitler approach to me, pray for me that this big person that calls himself the Rock of offence find something else to do then torture his servant. He wont listen to me like a man that beats his wife, but, now that you know, tackle him with your prayer. I enjoyed telling on the Lord. This has been going on for over 15 months. gum recession since I found out about the Lord. Now it is time for the Lord to respect me. Pray for me friends! Ministry Of Dreams :write me and share your prayer requests with me, and i will take them to the L0rd if. I told the LOrd, you will stop, now pressure with your prayers will be on Jesus. tell your church, read it on your radio show, pray, and stop this Jesus from having fun at my expense. You WILL Stopit Lord. read the my picture link and you wont beleive that this page can be topped but is or almost is. God says, I abate by teasing, mocking, fiery darts, I, tease by saying what hurts you, mocking, all day, to strip your desire to live for Jesus, make angry all day, I wanted this prophet to hate me for no reason, didnt the angel hollie say, work out of horn, back, tear up picture showed hollie out of horn, back, hollie out of pipe smiled back, blown by Jesus, God says I stripped you of all of your desire to live for Jesus, since day one, with gum desease swellin g up, now instantly, I abated you to keep you humble in my eyes, I wanted you backslided for months at a time, thats humble, God says, you were cast into the prison of satan day one, cause you were young and beatiful, God says Im not going to let you stand if I dont want you to, to abate, this keeps humble im my eyes, I will make you hate me, by teasing, making fun of, putting desease on you, to bring you down,God says, I can not, keep making you hate me, all day, everyday, now, I will bring you back, then slaughter again ……

  3. persecution home website
  4. bobbyhickman Says:

    (1)arch angel gabriel-visions recieved 10-30-2009-i saw the face of gabriel and he did not look happy cause i titled page, something like hollie is the main ministering spirit, but I changed it and I saw maybe gabriel bent down showing hand, head, and they were lighted like bright white neon, and I saw JEsus appear with brown hair, just face?
    (2)hollie gives divine directions-vision received about 10-30-200-9-in vision while driving, a lighted hollie showed, turn, with hand.
    Jesus showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 10-31-2009(which is my birthday bob hickman of ministry of dreams) hollie shwoed the britanic, they changed into hospital ship, thats adolf hitler, sink it, he said, thats the britannic striking mine, heres the reason, britannic sank, thats one watertight door not closing, that, costed the white star line ship company almost, hollie showed, eleven million, it was titanic, but, better, this is vision, lets, post, said, hollie, this is hollie playing my music, you didnt want no more, hollie, said, whew whew, said, hollie, Father pilots the pioneer, hollie shows, its steam locomotive, this is uh warning, said, hollie, this is warning, said, hollie, lets post, and he, saw, it, said, casey, post angel, appear, thats hollie, clapping, and, pontiff, he rides, said, hollie, black horse, its into russia, pontiff said, exploded, thats him signing uh deal, said, hollie, with medvedev, lets rule the world, said, putin, thats uh submarine, said, hollie, sandy wips lips, it, was, simb, captain hollie surfaces, its akula agin, thats, what, you, wanted, need, said, hollie, thats captain hollie, aiming, gaza exploded, thats, captain hollie turning, its akula class, iraq burns, lets rule the world, said, putin, hollie shows, mt. bethel apostolic church, hollie layed down, eyes open,

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